Built-in / CoreAudio stopping playback under stress

Hi, I suspect this is normal behaviour as it happens in Logic too, but wanted to check.

When running Cubase 6.5.3 with CoreAudio / Built-in soundcard on my Macbook Pro early 2011 model. I hear all music playback stop for 1-3 s then resume sometimes. It happens only under CPU / memory stress on a buffer of 512. If I increase the buffer size it helps, but can still happen.

Is this normal ?

I never get it while using my Focusrite interface.


Try reducing the buffer. I’d like to know more system detail but looks ok so far. Laptop?
Some soundcard drivers are finicky at higher latencies as well as low. Seems to be a fairly recent problem.
If that’s a laptop (forgive ignorance, not up on Macs) then look at the bios for clues and also the energy saving functions.
Check for new soundcard drivers? Sometimes going back a driver version to one that worked does the trick.
Could also be that something running in the background caused a sound to be triggered at a different sample rate so turn OS sounds off.

Thanks Conman. It’s the in built Apple card and driver, so is always up to date with system updates.

Bios is not accessible on Macs in the way it is on PCs ( as far as I know ).

Instinctively I think the issue is simply to do with CPU / Memory pressure while running intensive projects. Exactly the same thing happens in Apple’s own Logic… so I don’t think its Cubase related.

Thanks anyway though!

Any Mac users have any ideas here?