Built in / headset mic Low frequency roll off

Since iOS 6 the option to turn off the built in mic / headset low frequency roll off has been made available in the sdk. And also the limiter I beleive? Has this been implemented in Cubasis? And if not, can we have the option in an update please?
Thank you…


the options that you have mentioned has not been implemented in Cubasis yet. Thank you for the feature request.

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Yes, Yet another important omission! It’s called ‘measurement mode’… I’m quite surprised you didn’t use this in the first place? If you had, we would now be able to enjoy full bandwidth input via the headset mic input… Take a look at these response charts since iOS 6: http://blog.faberacoustical.com/2012/ios/iphone/finally-ios-6-kills-the-filter-on-headset-and-mic-inputs/

Please feel free to credit me with my suggestion when you add this important feature to Cubasis…