Bulk edit and undo?

Sometimes I repeat a certain operation a number of times, like changing a motive in a few measures or even a whole section, after which I then change my mind. In such and similar cases, it would perhaps be convenient to have something like a “bulk edit” mode and attendant undo/redo functionality.

By this I mean something like the following: you press a key combination whereby you enter “bulk edit” mode, you make your changes, you press the same key combination to leave “bulk edit” mode. Then, if you want to undo your changes, you simply press undo, and voilà, all the changes you made while in “bulk edit” mode disappear.

Not sure about this, but we do plan to add an undo/redo history feature that would allow you to undo a certain number of operations in a single step.

That’s good news, Daniel. Besides the obvious advantages to this feature, I would welcome being able to anticipate undoing/redoing a complex operation which takes a lot of time to complete.

An undo history would already be a great step forward.

The way I do it-

Do a manual save before any major operation. If the results are unsatisfactory, put the file away without saving. Reopen and you’re good to go.