Bulk edit metadata

Hi - is there a way to add metadata to a number of audio files in one action?
For example adding an image or comment common to all?

I know this can be done via a montage and re-rendering - but I’ve had a few occasions I needed to update something to the final files already with existing metadata and only know how to edit/save this on individual tracks. Bulk edit would really speed up the process.


The batch processor allows that.

thanks! i hadn’t explored the batch processor, my new best friend

was trying to remove certain text using the batch rename - how do i just remove a certain part of a file name? for example “_master” - assume this is done via the advanced edit remove parameters but can’t find the correct procedure


so i had an album where the metadata for the artist name and album title were the wrong way around - how can i batch edit them while leaving all the other data intact (track names/number etc?)

thanks - is that not for the file name, rather than the metadata?

I thought it was for the file name. For the metadata, there is not automated way to do replacements.

FWIW, I love WaveLab for the ability to enter the project info just one time, and have it be pushed to metadata and CD-Text when any and all files are rendered. It’s a big part of why I use WaveLab for mastering.

That said, I don’t consider any part of WaveLab (including the Batch Processor) to be a good metadata editor.

If I need to edit (or double check) metadata after the fact, I find a 3rd party tool like Meta (Mac Only) to be easier and faster, and the better tool for the job. I’m sure there are good Windows equivalents if needed.

That said, if the metadata was that far off, I’d probably want to go back to the source montages and update the info there and re-render the files. That way, if I need to come back to the project at a later time, the info is all correct without having to remember it was edited after the fact.

no worries, thanks - the rename is very useful

thanks justin - exactly what i ended up doing, just re-rendered the tracks - my mistake and only noticed when checking before i sent back to the client

meta looks great - for the price a no-brainer - cheers