Bulk export Instruments by bus

oh boy my setup gives me shivers when exporting.
f.e. my FHrn 1-4 (dry) are routed to 3 busses using SENDS

  1. “close-mic” with close room insert-fx
  2. “decca-tree” with far room insert-fx
  3. “dry” with the dry signal.
    I can mix 3 types of sounds in this setup.

Now I like to audio-export each instrument by the busses for my mixing session like this:
FHrn-1_close, FHrn-1_decca, FHrn-1_dry
FHrn-2_close, FHrn-2_decca, FHrn-2_dry
FHrn-3_close, FHrn-3_decca, FHrn-3_dry
FHrn-4_close, FHrn-4_decca, FHrn-4_dry

As I see it I have to SOLO each instrument and export the busses.
I even think about writing a LogicalEdit-Script to SOLO-EXPORT-gotoNextTrack… if possible.

I cant use Audio Export or render-in-place because it will also render all other instruments going through the bus. FHrn1 alone exports 13 other instruments as well (even they contain only silent audio in the end)

Do I basically miss something?


Use Render in Place with the Processing set to the Complete Signal Path, please.