Bulk File Renaming In Pool - see freeware program Bulk Rename Utility as reference

Great piece of software that should have existed in DAWS a decade ago.

anyone working in sound FX post, transferring/archiving, forensics… How are we living without ANY bulk rename functions in 2018 in our DAWS???

Some people have to name 40,000 files.

I’m giving this a bump because I’m really caught in a snag sometimes when it comes to renaming - there’s no real way to do it.

Project Logical Editor has some function, but I can’t figure it out and it seems to have limitations… Like, it can’t do file renaming, it only changes the description - which, is a description not a name. It can’t replace single words for instance:

“Synth Sample Tuned 001”

It can’t replace ‘Tuned’ or remove it all together.

This is still an issue in Cubase 11. I am in the process of doing a bunch of tape transfers from digital tape (Tascam) to Disk. About half way through I could see this was a big problem as all of the audio files were named the same. Want to change the audio files to have the tape number in the filename. I can do this outside of Cubase with a software for the Mac called Forklift. (Great software to rename files and general way better "Finder"type program) Cubase won’t know about it so you have to rebuild the projects or point to each file. Sure wish there was a better way from within Cubase.