Bulk midi dump or sync

I have a Yamaha QY300 that I want to import/dump/play the midit racks in to Cubase to use.

I have successfully synced the unit to the program, but it dumps all the track information from all the tracks in to each individual track (eg tracks 1-16 all get dumped in to track 1, track 2, track 3 etc).

Is there a way to separate the incoming midi tracks so they are recorded with the individual tracks on Cubase?

The QY300 has a floppy disc drive, so I can’t just save the files to a disc, copy them to the PC and import them to Cubase.

depends on the software version you are using…
Eithef use the input transformer to filter on record, or dissolve the part after record.

Thanks for the suggestion!.

All I have done is connected the midi ins & outs between the QY300 and Lambada interface interface & set Cubase to trigger the midi on the QY.

I then set up 16 midi tracks in Cubase & started recording, which I thought should match up the output of the QY300 tracks to Cubase. But clearly not!

I’m not sure how I would go about ‘dissolving’ the tracks successfully as they are just a mess of midi data.

Otherwise, I could just try recording each tack individually, but I’d prefer not to go down that path if there is a more productive solution!

Well, I still don´t know your software, but no, not without the input transformer.

If you know how to go about reading the manual, you’ ll probably find, it’ s explained there…