Bummed with audio for video options in new video engine

I was surprised today with the lack of the classic “Replace Audio in Video File” option.

Although I understand the need for the new video engine, which works great to use videos in the project (good performance here), the missing option leaves us with the option to generate new video files with our audio.

The issues I got are:

  • Not the best options for the video codec (especially bit rate settings) - I’m using MP4 (H264)
  • I work in high sample rates, I would have to create a new project or mess up my current project settings in order to expor the video with my AAC codified audio

This leaves us only one option. Send the file to the video partner, to embed the audio from their side.

I hope this improves someday, or the replace audio function comes back with an AAC encoding option
(adding a full-size uncompressed audio file to a video was not good either, so I understand the change)