Bunch of newbie questions about Dorico

So I recently brought the pro version as I really like the playback features and I want to eventually score to media.

My question relates to VSTs and how to customise dynamics. I bought Kontakt 6 recently and I’m using the stuff that comes with factory. I’ve noticed when I set dynamics in Dorico, the instruments actually don’t change dynamics at all. I know there’s a mixer, but I want gradual changes, not just one instrument quieter than the other for the rest of the composition. How do I get dynamics to work on Dorico for external VSTs/pluggins? I’ve noticed that sometimes in the playback the velocities change the dynamics for some instruments but not for others, so I’m wanting to actually understand how Dorico handles dynamics for external pluggins and what I can do to fix these issues.

I’m sorry if I’m not expressing myself clear enough.

Check the expression map (in the Play, click the cog, then next to the instrument you can select various options).

I think default is velocity only (not sure though), you might want to experiment with CC11 Dynamics or Velocity+CC11 Dynamics.

If you share a sample dorico project and tell me which Kontakt instrument you are using I could look into it. Note that each Kontakt instrument could need different mappings, so all the details are important.