Bundled Cubae AI 6: Does it require a Dongle?

Hi All:

I’m a Cubase 6 (full version) user and purchased 3 CMC controllers (CMC, AI, and TP). Each one came with an activation code for Cubase AI.

My 8 year old son is a talented piano player and is already starting to write his own music. I already have an extra audio interface (M-Audio Fast Track Ultra) and an old laptop and thought it would be a great idea to set him up with Cubase AI so he can learn how to use Cubase to compose.

So I visited the site the card in the CMC boxes included (http://www.steinberg.net/cmc_cubaseai) and includes this line:

07.Launch the eLicenser Control Center software. Click the “Enter Activation Code” button and paste the Activation Code to download the perrmanent license

Does this mean I need to buy an elicenser for my “free” copy of Cubase AI or does this mean that it uses a software-only licensing scheme?

You need a eLicenser (Steinberg Key or anything else)


That totally sucks. This is supposed to be the freebie copy of Cubase… but you have to spend $50 on a dongle? I might as well buy Elements.

I also still have to activate my bundled AI6 on my secondary machine.
Afaik you can also use the pure software eLicenser like I do for my additional Cubase LE 5.
The disadvantage is, that it is bound to the machine where it was installed.
You can transfer the license to a USB dongle, then you can take it to any computer you like.
But there is no way back from the USB dongle to a software licenser.

Oh that’s good! Since you get a copy with every controller that means I have 3 PCs :wink:

it is a pain but on the other hand i bought another dongle and loaded AI 6 on to the new dongle for the laptop which allows me to leave to c6 dongle at home … good move i think :wink:

Wait… do I need a dongle for AI or not?

only if you want more than one dongles ! it’s a good idea for me using al6 on the fly while out and leaving the c6 dongle safe on the other machine so it depends if you want them all on one dongle or a dongle for each !

You can also install AI as a “trial” version for 30 days without any activation or registration.
And as said: You can use a dongle, but it runs also using the soft-eLicenser with an activation code - but only on one computer.

My copy hasnt asked me for a dongle.

Seems to be working!

AI doesn’t need the dongle.