Bundled plugins still need dongle


When (if at all) the licenses for plugins bundled with Yamaha hardware will be transferred to the new dongle-free system?


These are Yamaha products, so you should ask this at Yamaha support.
The Steinberg user forum could be the wrong place to ask.

Well, Steinberg hardware like the audio interfaces with dsp ship with plugins that should also be managed by the new activation manager. So please, Steinberg people, add them to the activation manager.

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Really? I’m not Yamaha’s customer. And licensing system is made by Steinberg - this is the main and only reason why I write here. Yamaha won’t make any license. Like if you create a plugin or sample library that can be licensed, you cannot create a license for it yourself.

Therefore I wrote here to let Steinberg team to know that such plugins are still in use and could be transferred to the new licensing system.

So please write something more appropriate :wink:

It might be helpful to write which hardware you use that has the Rev-X effect.

For whom it might be helpful? I’m talking about software and licenses, not hardware. No hardware loads plugins that are licensable.

Does this have anything to do with Cubase?

Can you see how folks might find this a bit ambiguous?

UR Series are Steinberg product. Therefore I suppose I’m not Yamaha’s customer.
I was wrong on “licenses for plugins bundled with Yamaha hardware” - UR-242 is Steinberg hardware.
And yes, I’m talking about licenses used in software, because UR-242 don’t load plugins in itself :slight_smile: