"Bundled version of Cubase AI" with Vocaloid 4 purchase...

Yamaha’s shop says there’s a version bundled with the software, but it didn’t install it when I ran the installer I downloaded following my purchase, and the eLicenser doesn’t show any license for it, either. Nothing in the documentation from Yamaha show how to download, much less activate, the supposedly bundled software.

Yamaha’s customer support won’t touch it. Steinberg’s support is appointment-only and says it may take a few days.

I’m bordering on putting in for a refund at this point. Can anyone help me get this up and running?

Update since I submitted this last night: Caved and just bought a separate Cubase Elements 8 license. I can see the vocaloid voices as MIDI instrument options, but the option to actually access the editor is grayed out in the MIDI menu, even though it shows the plugin as active.


In my boxed DVD version there is a loose card with the Cubase AI license number, and a sticker with the vocaloid license activation serial … But Vocaloid 4 doest load properly with Cubase 8 pro and 8.5 pro; please see my post https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=74&t=92019 for more information … F