Burning Bridges

Since Steinberg has “burned” their 32bit VST bridge
why don’t they give a direct support for Jbridge !!!
it is a 64bit DAW only but we have many 32bit plugins that we like to use ie TC Powercore’s.

32-bit is dead. Not Steinberg’s problem. Who are “we”?

What do you mean by “direct support”?

Sonar was early to adopt just putting a checkbox in their plugin manager to use jbridge for bridging - think that is what he meant.

But with jbridge you can also apply itself to a plugin and create a almost named duplicate which will load jbridge and then plugin.

But really, 32-bit stuff is bound to create problems one way or another.
All kinds of freezes and strange behavior disappered as I abandoned 32-bit 7 years ago.

and what if someone has plugins like TC Powercore and has spend a fortune on them ?

Then spend another fortune on native 64 bit plugins.
32 Bit is dead it is just a matter of time before every DAW is 64 bit only.

Then that someone needs to realize that he bought these plugins over 10 years ago and they probably paid for themselves many times over already. It’s also not the mid 2000s anymore and you can probably find better sounding replacements for all your favorite Powercore plugins for around 100 to 200 bucks total. You wont have to replace them again.

32 bit plugins cause issues in 64 bit DAWs. The whole point of removing the internal bit bridge was to discourage people from using them, or at least force them to use a superior option (jBridge). Again they really would prefer you to not use 32 bit plugins at all, so don’t expect them to ever implement jBridge internally.

i don’t understand what is the problem with some people here with 32 bit plugins
just don’t use 32bit plugins or jbridge ,
this is not related to you in any way.

It’s sad obviously:

No development for 7 years and all support close end of year.

If I were owner of this I would look at remote solution and what can be run over Vienna Ensemble on a 32-bit machine maybe, or a former daw.

The “problem” is that I would rather Steinberg focus on the present/future. So, yes, it is indirectly related to me and other users who could see this coming and planned ahead. You are not alone, but you are not the majority. I understand your situation, but there comes a time when you need to move on.

Nobody said “don’t use 32bit plugins or jbridge” … just don’t expect Steinberg to provide official support.

You can still use a previous version of Cubase if you need 32-bit compatibility.

@ Scab Pickens,

Cubase is not only made for you there are other people also.

Congratulations for completely ignoring every point raised in this thread. Here’s a TL;DR: Get with the times and look for replacements like everyone else is doing. You can find better sounding plugins for very cheap.

@ Romantique
you are wrong i have read all the threads
I’m with the times but i also have a history with music tech. and i have tried to find replacement plugins but it is not the same besides i like the sound of some 32bit plugins TC electronics (not only) plugins especially sounds fabulous that i find irreplacable
i’m not a “consumer” and it is underestimating for a person to be like that buying all the time without appreciation for the previous technologies
FYI Jbridge is working very good already just it would be better to have direct support
You just follow your 64bit way and leave us behind.

I think it’s up to the plugin company to provide a 64 bit version of their product if they want us to keep using them. Stability being a priority, there are so many good options today that I just started to look elsewhere whenever a plugin isn’t 64 bit. It’s not like it’s a new thing.

It’s still good to have 3rd party bridges. So why would we need native support for just a few more years of 32 bit. Steinberg has a lot more to fix that would help us a lot more than that.

Just keep using 3rd party bridges? What is the down side of that?

Oh, really? I had no idea :unamused: .

The fact that nobody has made a comment to support your request should give you a clue about the ridiculousness of your point of view.

@ Scab Pickens
i don’t understand why you are so hostile!!!

Write a letter to Uli Behringer, that he should revive the powercore hardware/software for cheap, now that he owns them.
They already use sharc DSP in a lot of their products.
I think that would have a better chance, than Steinberg going back to bridging 32bit plugins

i’m not suggesting steinberg to go back to 32 bit plugins but to give a direct support to jbridge since they have abondoned their vst bridge
nothing more