Bus question

Is there a possibility 1 audio track send to 2 different busses?
To be more specific i have SD2 multichanneled and all channels are send to a group1 channels, i need the same channels(sd2) to be sent simultaneously also to another Bus so i can apply some FXs.

Yes, you can use the sends to send to a group.

im still confused. My group channel is stereo out how can i root it to another channel bus so i hear them both independently? :blush:

lemme be more specific.

i got VST sd2 multichanneled which are 16 mono audio channels all output on Group1. i want also these 16 channels got a second different output than group1 to apply some FXs on it and blend it with group 1 output

On i figured it out thanx!

Most excellent my man, easy really! :wink:

You can also link the send panner to the channel pan or have the send panner independent :sunglasses: