Bus route guidance.

Hello, I would appreciate some guidance with the best solution to route some busses.

I use protools and like that I can easily print effects to an audio track once I have routed it through my outboard gear.

I’m having a hard time figuring the most efficient way to do the same in cubase. I can print those fx post track easily, but I want to print them prefader. I get in a muddle with the sends in cubase. I got as far as creating new vst connections to achieve routing possibilities but it got messy.

By the way I really like cubase 6.5, it’s a great tool. I’m just scratching my head on this bussing.

Thanks in advance

Inserts 1-6

I wasn’t descriptive enough.

I want to print my final mix to an audio track after routing it through my outboard. I also want to add some vst effects to the signal too. How do I record those vst effects to the printed track?

Setup some External FX busses.

Then you can use the external FX like any other plugin.

What is it about the Sends in Cubase that you are having trouble?


Thank you.

Went away and played, scratched my head, thought a bit. Then accidentally clicked channel visibility.

Id already solved my routing problem, Id just hidden it in my template at some point.

All I wanted to achieve was after my audio had been through my summing box was to add some mastering effects to the incoming signal to record, like I do in Pro Tools. Because Id hidden the input channel I couldn’t see how to add those effects.

So in actual fact the routing is very straight forward and common sense (unless you hide it). Thanks all for attempting to help me :slight_smile: