Bus use

I don’t know if I understand well how useful can be adding busses to mix.
Can someone explain me what is the practical use of adding busses?
I heard that it could be useful to convert midi to audio; but that can be easily done using RIP, correct?
I’ve heard also it can be used to apply FX to a group of tracks; that can be done easier with group tracks, correct?
I know that probably I missing several other things… please help… Thanks


Correct, and correct.

It depends, what kind of “busses” do you have in mind. There are FX and Group Channels. Nowadays, they are equal in fact (apart from some details like Mute Preferences).

As you said, you can route output of other Channels to the FX/Group. From the historical reason, we use Groups for this. This is useful, when you want to mix a group of Channels (fro example the whole Drum battery) at once.

Then you can route any signal via Send to FX/Group (we use FX for this). This is useful, when you want to apply the same effect (for example Reverb) to multiple Channels at once, but with different depth (dry/wet ratio). This is also useful, when you need to switch Bypass On/Off of any plug-in while playback, but you want to keep the effect at its end (for example Delay).