I have amplitude and want to record it as an audio track but once I take the insert off the effect is gone. How do I make it permanent? I was able to bus as an instrument to audio in pro tools but do not see that as an option in Cubase as of yet anyway

You dont have to bus anything, there is a function called render in place which does the exact thing you want:)

Alternatively, you can put your amplitube insert across the input channel instead of the output channel and this will record the guitar amp to the audio track.

Across the input channel- it’s on insert right now…that may not be what you mean

I wonder which render I would use? a few sound like they do the same

I wonder which render I would use? a few sound like they do the same

If you want to use render in place, take the second to last one:)
If you show inputs in your main window you can put it as an insert on the input.

can’t find render under edit anyway

Which Cubase version? Render is only present in Pro.

ahh,that’s why. I have elements at this time. Trying Cubase for first time.

So you see the red sliders to the left in the bottom plart, put hte amplitube on the one where your guitar is and it will record wet.

Yes, you have Amplitube across the insert of the output channel rather than the input. As strummer says, hit the E button on the (red fader) input channel in the mixer and put amplitube on one of these inserts instead.

aaahhhhh- there it is. Seems like it takes ore of a hit in real time peak

hhmm,…its on but don’t hear the amp

Thanks for all the help I feel so stupid I don’t understand why I can’t hear the amp. Being used to pro tools I have a bit of a learning curve

How are you monitoring?
Do you have the monitor on for the track (the speaker like icon)?

That´s not an output channel, that´s an audio track.

well I have really messed things up now, my gtr show signal input and output through the vst and in mixing but I do not hear the amp simulation. It’s just plain signal from the ur-rt