Buses to final master (Export Audio)

Thank you to whoever can assist.
I’m trying to do a final mix, which has several buses for drums, guitars, etc… It plays fine on the monitor speakers, but as soon as I do an audio export, only those tracks on the original Stereo Out (i.e no bus) are included in the mix. Naturally, if I include the busess in the export, I get several tracks instead of a single stereo…
Could someone please tel me where I’m going wrong?
Kind regarsd

A screenshot of your Export Audio Mixdown window might help. Are you exporting the Stereo Out?

From your post, it is a little difficult to understand, what you are tring to achieve? If your different busses are routed to different outpits, you can not export them as a single file internally… If you want to export a single file, all spurces must be routed to the same bus. If thats what you are asking.