busing master to monitoring channel 3/4?

hi i use a ua apollo twin usb soundcard - it has line out 3/4 which i want to use for headphones for myself and i use the master headphones out for vocalist - (or the other way round). i want to be able to control the volume of 3/4 separately in cubase if possible, as at the moment on my soundcard itself it will only control whats coming from channel 1/2 to the master monitors output and the headphones output, line 3 and 4 needs to be controlled by the daw it says in the manual.

ive added 3/4 in cubase in the vst connections and i can see its added as a master fader next to stereo out. i can bus separate channels to it when I need too, and for now everything does come through on 3/4 anyway - id just like a simplified solution to have control of the volume for this without using anything external/changing the master of the heapdhones on channel 1/2 at the same time.

Any help much appreciated surely this is a relatively simple thing to do I just couldn’t suss it, thanks

Look in to using the control room.

If you assign 3/4 to the headphone bus you’ll have a seperate volume knob for the headphones and the master.

hi thanks, ok i tired that but no control of volume even when i adjust the slider. tired variations in vst connections , ill email universal audio