Busing mix and groups to a single bus

How can I bus the majority of a mix to one stereo bus including inserts and sends to group channels?

Maybe this is better.
I have a mix where I need to turn down most of the mix, but not all. All the groups, inserts and sends are right where I want them so is there a way to send all these tracks,groups,sends and inserts to one stereo bus before the Master?

If I’m reading you right… I sometimes make a “PreMix” group channel that gets everything before the stereo out, and is routed to it… sort of a last-stage buffer group. You could make one of them, then re-route directly to the stereo out whatever elements that need to be changed. Is that the sort of thing you’re talking about?

That, of course, was before N5, and its much more versatile routing. But it’s still quick and easy.


I haven’t posted for awhile and noticed it says I’m a new member but I’ve been using Nuendo since 1.5.
Everything must have been reset.

Chewy can you send group and effects channels to a another group bus. Never needed to do this but now I do.
I’ll try this tomorrow when I go in.

Yes you can.

Thanks guys all is well.
I’m guessing all my effects and buses will remain in tact.
I’ve been out with the flu and went in this morning and tried a premix bus.
Sounds fine to me.
Anything I should pay special attention to?
First time for everything, hum my ears still ring.

As far as I can see the only thing to worry about is the amount of channels used and panning, i.e. pay attention if you end up changing it.