But where is this NPPE in Noteperformer 4?

So I know I’m rubbish at reading manuals, BUT, I simply cannot see where to add the NPPE.

On the Noteperformer.com site I look at: Quickstart guide. But nothing on my screen looks remotely like those shown there. I see the old mixer interface, and I can click on the cog which simply opens the old endpoint dialogue box.

  • The NotePerformer Playback Engines applicationis installed with NotePerformer.
  • Run it in the background when you want to incorporate high-end sample libraries with NotePerformer.
  • You don’t need to use this application. It’s a power-user extension.

OK, so where is it please? I’d love to run it in the background if I could open the darn thing.

  • You must first activate the playback engine by locating the VST3 plug-in and downloading our playback engine.

tried adding a VST slot - all there is is Noteperformer. Nothing about NPPE

help please!

It’s an independent application, not a VST. It will be wherever programs are installed on your system.

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I’m on mac. NPPE sits in the Application folder and all I need to do to use it is open it. Then I choose the engine and add the instruments, as you’ve probably read in the manual already.

Ah OK, thanks. I do think it should be pointed out that whilst it’s installed with NP, it is in fact a completely independent app, I was looking inside NP itself whilst Dorico was open. Describing it as a power user “extension” is confusing.

I thought this was clear in the introduction and documentation.

not to me…

The NPPE quickstart guide is separate from the notation programs. You can find it here:

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My brain has a problem with manuals and instructions. Somehow it fails to register some of the important words that are absolutely key to understanding the sentence. So the word Application gets ignored by my brain as I’m already thinking this “extension” will exist within NP itself. You should see me trying to assemble an IKEA unit…


One thing that I’m not clear on is this: do you launch Dorico first, and then launch NPPE and add the instruments you need, or do you launch NPPE first, load the instruments you need, and then launch Dorico?

I’m still several weeks away from buying a computer that can run Dorico 5 and NP4/NPPE, so I can’t experiment to find out the answer, and I don’t recall seeing the answer anywhere.

It doesn’t seem to matter. When I forget to open NPPE before opening my Dorico file, NPPE can establish the connection retroactively.


Thanks, Derrek. And I suppose when you’re setting up a project from scratch, the workflow would probably be that you’ll want to add all of the players/instruments in Dorico’s Setup mode first, so that you’ll know what instruments and how many staves for each that you’ll need in NPPE, then launch NPPE and load the instruments. Is that right?

I have two saved NPPE setup files, one for Cinematic Solo Strings and the other for that plus Iconica. If I want to use one or the other, I will load that. So far I do not need to cut down on Iconica instruments to save space (so far I’ve only loaded the Iconica sounds to see how different they will sound than regular NP). I may make a setup for just the Iconica section strings, since that seems a relative weakness in the traditional NP sounds. I still doubt the order in which I load things will make a difference.

I do wish NP would fix the overdone accents in the latest version, but I expect that will be taken care of as soon as Arne can get to it.

Thanks, Derrek. Having saved NPPE setup files makes a lot of sense. Once I get my new computer and start playing around with NPPE, I’m sure all of this will become clearer to me. (And I’m still trying to decide whether to buy HOOPUS or BBCSO. Way too many decisions to make! :grinning:)

I’m happy to say that my 13-year-old mid-2010 Mac Pro has been replaced by a shiny new 2023 M2 Max Mac Studio with 96 GB of unified memory, and tonight I upgraded to Dorico 5.0.20. So now it’s onward and upward with exploring NPPE.


Congratulations on your new M2 Max Mac Studio! I have a “lowly” M1 Mac mini and even it is MUCH faster and more capable than my old 2013 MB Pro with i7 cpu. I’m expect you will be very impressed with your new machine and the NP4/NPPE combination—happy composing!

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