[Button Location on the UI] Extract Sound from Track Preset

The following is part of the Cubase Operation Manual.


  1. Select the instrument track to which you want to apply a sound.
  2. In the Inspector, click Extract Sound from Track Preset.
  3. In the preset browser, select an instrument track preset or VST preset.
  4. Double-click the preset to load the settings.

I’d like to know where is the “Extract Sound from Track Preset” button.

Thank you!

Actually, it’s here :


… and don’t ask me to comment about the logic behind its placement, near the MIDI output channel drop down list : there is none. Beside this, I never truely understood the need for this function : the only thing it does, here, is to be able to load another vstpreset with the same trackpreset still active. More confusing than anything else, IMO.

It’s one of the reasons why I’ll stick as long as I can with my VST 2.4 instruments. After fifteen years (Cubase 4…), I still don’t get the logic behind the VST3 implementation and probably never will… :sunglasses:

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For short, VST3 can work with the Note Expression feature in Cubase, but please let me get back to you with a very good example of VST3. It’s the least I can do for pointing where the button I was looking for is.

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