Buttons don't light up after pressing them

Hello everyone,

When I open a project in Cubase, select a track and look for example at the EQ section the activated EQs in Cubase are in sync with the lighted buttons on my CC121. When I then deactivate one EQ section by pressing the respective button on my CC121 the EQ in Cubase gets deactivated and the button isn’t lighted anymore - which is perfect… But when I then try to activate this EQ band again by pressing the respective button on my CC121 again, only Cubase shows me that this EQ section is activated, the CC121 lights up the button only for the time that I actually press it - it doesn’t stay lighted up. Same behavior I for example noticed with the “loop” button as well. After pressing those buttons the controller and Cubase are no longer in sync.

However when I go to another track in my project all buttons are perfectly synced again.

I use Cubase 7.5.20 and the latest version of the CC121 firmware and software.

Does anyone have an idea what this could be?

That’s odd, I’ve never seen that behaviour before :frowning:.
I have no idea what to suggest other than a reinstall of the drivers but I doubt that makes a difference.

The buttons still work perfectly right? Just the light on that button doesn’t stay on while it should?

Hi Strophoid,

thanks for your reply. Yesterday I tried another USB Port on my Laptop. Doing that, the drivers got reinstalled automatically. In addition to that I tried to start Cubase with my other USB device, the Akai MPK 249, switched off. I thought maybe these two USB Midi devices interfere with each other.

But unfortunately nothing changed. As you said - yes, the lights don’t stay on when they should. But as I mentioned before, not every light. The “e” button for example lights up and stays that way when I press it as long as the window is opened.

Next thing I will do is to uninstall the software again completely, reinstall it and also do the firmware update again. If that doesn’t help I guess I have to return it, but I wanted to be sure that this error is unknown and isn’t caused by something else.

I’m not the expert but to me it’s an unknown error, not seen it reported here before!

It seems that I solved it. I un-installed and re-installed the latest software and also did the firmware update again, even though buttons indicated that I was already using the latest version. Now the problem disappeared.
Unfortunately I cannot differentiate which measure was the relevant one for the problem, but it didn’t take that long to do both, if anybody will ever encounter the same problem…

Thanks for your advise again, Strophoid!