Buttons in the project track section

Hello Friends …

I find it somewhat annoying that the buttons in the project track window ( rec, mute, edit, monitor, read, asf.)
adopt the same color as the track color. Me thinks, that it would be more overseeable if the buttons had
no or the original colors in low intensity.

I mean, for example,: when I ink a track red, the recording button, in fact all buttons, turn red, too,
even if I do not record. Yellow, blue, green, lila, red … all those colors find themselves on buttons of
this field. Obviously, not seeing the status of those buttons at first glance is rather distracting and awkward.

Is there a setting to fix this or can we have such a feature?

Cheers, Big K

I think there’s something wrong with your setup, unless I’m misunderstanding something.

Yeah, got it …
In the preferences check “color only folder track controls” and the color is gone.
Even the intensity can be set…
I was not directly clear to me what that ( little sense ) button means. Now, it is.

Cheers, Big K