Buy Artist Get Pro - Applies to Upgrades?

Hi all

Consider purchasing a Steinberg UR22C and an upgrade from Cubase AI to Cubase Artist 10.5

If I did so would I be eligible for the Buy Artist Get Pro offer?

Or is this offer only for purchasing Cubase Artist 10.5 as a standalone purchase, rather than an upgrade?

Many thanks

Hi Mhoram,

No, the upgrade offer is only for full versions. There is an upgrade from Cubase AI to Pro for €299 (street €269) already though.

Thank you for the swift reply Matthias!

Does this include the Artist 10.5 EDU version?

Can i buy now Cubase Artist 10.5 Educational version - To obtain a free Cubase Pro 10.5 Educational using this action?

I guess the answer is provided on the website you linked to:

Cubase Artist Education versions and upgrades or updates to Cubase Artist are not eligible for the free upgrade to Cubase Pro.

such a misleading add :frowning: i didn’find clear info in offer that that free upgrade to pro is only if you buy full Artist version

The buy-Artis-get-Pro price $337.98 ($309.99+$27.99) is similar to the competitive upgrade price, which is $339.99 for Cubase 10.5 Pro plus $27.99 for the eLicenser.

That’s why I took the Nuendo route. If you pay $80 more in total $420, you will get Nuendo 10.3 plus $27.99 for the dongle. You get a lot more in Nuendo 10.3 compared to Cubase 10.5 Pro. I think the 20th annual with 40% off prices for Nuendo arcross the board are the cheapest prices so far. It’s a better deal IMHO.

However in a long run, you may need to pay higher upgrade fees.

Yesterday I bought Cubase artist (after running Cubase 5 for years) because of the free upgrade to Cubase pro, but still waiting for Pro activation code, and no reply from steinberg. Maybe I should have taken Nuendo route.

There was no intention to be misleading.

On the “Buy Artist, Get Pro” it states *Cubase Artist Education versions and upgrades or updates to Cubase Artist are not eligible for the free upgrade to Cubase Pro."

And on the “SAVE 40% ON YOUR UPDATE OR UPGRADE TO CUBASE 10.5” website, there is not a single word about getting Pro, when buying an update to Cubase Artist.

Did you buy a boxed version at a retailer or directly at the Steinberg Online Shop? The boxed version includes a DAC that will give you a Cubase Pro license automatically. The online shop will sent you a Pro activation code instead of Artist directly.

The upgrade from Cubase 5 to Cubase Artist 10.5 is reduced by 40%, but it doesn’t upgrade you to Cubase Pro. That deal is only for full versions.

Hi Matthias! Thanks for reply!
Yesterday I bought full version of Cubase Artist 10.5 through Steinberg online shop and received artist activation code, not pro!

Are you sure? Have you entered the activation code in the eLicenser?

Well after 2 hours of working around eLinceser error, got it finally working and yes it says Cubase Pro! :smiley: Sorry for all the commotion!
Thank you Mathhias!

That text was added to the website at some point in the last 21 hours – I screencapped the site before purchasing a Cubase Artist license (Educational version) and that text was not there at the time of my purchase. That plus the discounted upgrade from Artist to Pro winds up the same price as the Pro education version, so at least I’m not out any money, but I do feel that the sale email (and especially that site with details) should have used that language from the beginning, not added after the fact.

“All Cubase Artist versions activated by July 28, 2020 will automatically be upgraded to Cubase Pro 10.5”

I stopped reading after “All Cubase Artists version…” assuming that meant all version. I obviously didn’t feel the need to reed more after that since it was very clear in my mind. i mean, how is that not misleading? Can i return this activation code if it was not registered? I got to say,this is the definition of misleading imo. Say one thing and then later say something else. I’m happy to accept this was a mistake but I’m not gonna take the blame for this one.

Ok Reading seems to be a big Problem for the majority of the cubase users, but honestly? You read only the part of a page that you like, build your own little world around it in your head, and blame someone to be misleading because you “obviously didn´t feel to read more”, although it is written directly underneath? :unamused: this is simply ridiculous…
Just wait till the next one stops reading after “All Cubase”… and the wants his LE1 to be upgraded to Pro 10.5 for free…

Fan boy like you make me laugh. But they’re also the reason why i stay away from places like these. You might think you’re helping but you’re not. You just help convince me to move to an other daw. Thank you! :smiley:

Hi Matthias, can you tell me what is the procedure to get a refund? Who should i contact? As i said earlier, my serial was not activated or registered.

That article is from the 3rd of july and mentions it, so clearly not added in the last 24 hours, you just didn’t read.