Buy C10 and use 9.5

A friend of mine has an old mac and Cubase Pro 8.5 running on Mac OSX 10.9. He wants to upgrade to C10 but it won’t run while the 9.5 trial is fine even if unsupported on that system.
So, the question is very simple: If he upgrades from 8.5 to 10 from the Steinberg Shop, can he use version 9.5?

Thanks for any help!


with a licence for cubase 10 you can run every available version, lower than 10. works for pro, me thinks also for artist and elements.
you can even install more versions…

Thank you for the answer. I surely can do that, right now I am able to run from v 5 onward (mac and high sierra). But I had all the upgrades in between. Did you go through the whole path of upgrading from older versions every year? Or do you (or any others) have directly activated a v10 from scratch and then installed a v9.5 and worked?
Thanks again! :wink:


I am on high Sierra. I have 10 Pro but am running 9.5

I will most probably just stay on 9.5 until I upgrade my main desktop. Then I will upgrade to the license I have. By then , hoping that any (or as many issues and bugs there might be!) in 10 will be patched.