Buy Cubase 10 when 10.5 is out


I was waiting for some deal on Cubase 10 since I have 9.5 but then all of a sudden 10.5 is out and the upgrade from 9.5 is much pricier.
Is it still a way to buy version 10 and eventually upgrade later to 10.5?

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Just as it has been the case ever before on any other release - usually not.

Some shops might still have it. Advantage is you then get 10.5 for free as a bonus…

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I would upgrade only for the new VariAudio feature introduced in Cubase 10 it might seem out of the common consensus but unfortunately there is none of the new features of Cubase 10.5 that appeals me particularly.
Cubase it’s the software that I know best and I generally prefer to upgrade but since music production it is just an “expensive” hobby for me (as-in I never made a cent with it) I consider this as a luxury.
I browsed the Steinberg website literally every day in the past months to see if there was any dealto upgrade to then but instead all of a sudden 10.5 was out and upgrading cost that’s now almost triplicated, that’s very sad.

What vinark is saying is that while you will NOT find C10 for sale directly from Steinberg on their site, some retail shops might indeed sell you a copy of 10 at the C10 price. And activating C10 now will entitle you to a free upgrade to C10.5.

Search for these deals now because they will sell out fast (if they haven’t already).

I have one “Cubase Pro 10 Update from Cubase Pro 9.5” activation code that i could sell.

Well eventually I upgraded… I got 10.5 almost at the same price as 10 but I was kinda forced because when 11 will be out the price difference will be even higher… I like almost all the new feature in Cubase 10 and they are worth every penny, Cubase 10.5 let’s be honest, it is not particularly shiny if you see the videos on YouTube everyone put’s a “is it worth?” because it kinda gives you mixed feelings.

Sorry I do not mean to be cynic, I love Cubase and I would not change it with any other software on the market but c’mon guys colors in the mixer panel? yes it is nice but should have been there already since they allowed to color the project tracks, the 2 views should go always hand in hand!
Export video? Personally I did not feel the need for it.
Retrospective MIDI? When i want to record and I am focused on what I am doing I press the red record button and not randomly tap on the keys and then insert it in my track!

Version 10 (switching from 9.5) it’s a gold mine in comparison!

Common man!..And Cubase 11.5 and 12 will also be more expensive! That’s how it works!

You have to love the ‘Darth Vader’ look? I personally don’t! It’s just too dark and at least to tiring to my eyes. White text on a black background might be in fashion in popular programs but I just get tired eyes looking at it? And it’s even proven that it can be damaging to the eyes! Remember, why books had white pages and dark letters for ages? Why would you want to change this? Probably only for marketing purposes? Everyone else goes ‘dark’ so Steinberg has the urge to do the same?

Anyway. I made adjustments in preferences to brighten up things. You can do the same. :wink: