Buy Cubase 8.5

I have LE 5 Cubase version and I would like to buy Cubase Artist 8.5 to run with Windows 7 64 bits. I nowhere find possibility to buy this version. How can I do ? Thanks for your answer

Buying the current version 11 is the only way, unless you can find an used activated version on a USB key to buy from a private party.

Thanks for your answer Steve, and do you know how I could be sure this used activated version will be OK ?

They only way to be 100% sure is to buy a USB dongle yourself, and physically meet with the seller.

On a computer with the ELC installed (yours or theirs) plug the two dongles in and transfer the license. If the sellers dongle is not legit for some reason, the transfer will not work. If the transfer works, it’s legit.

Visit the Steinberg Resale Wizard for full directions.

OK thanks. What is ELC ?

ELicenser Control center

Ok, thanks Steve

Good luck!


One helpful link: Resale Wizard for Steinberg Software.

Btw, if you buy Cubase Artist 11, you can start Cubase Artist 8.5 with this license (as mentioned already), but you will also get Cubase Artist 12 for free, once this will be released this year. Then you can use it any time.