Buy Dorico ...CreditCard fail ? SOLVED

Sorry about that but I do not know where to find help !

I try to buy Dorico and pay with a mastercard, not work.
The credit card proceed «fail» ?

I get an email as proof of eligibility :

Dear valued Customer,

Your eligibility verification request was successful.

Continue Shopping:

I followed the link on that email and fill out all boxes with the right information about both My Account (Steinberg) and the credit card.

Each time the approval of the credit card fail.

I need advices please.


Alain LeBlond

I’m really sorry you’re having problems with your purchase, Alain. Do you have access to a PayPal account? I believe payment via PayPal is one of the options available to you during checkout in the online shop.

If you can’t pay via PayPal, please email with your order details and somebody will be able to help you.

Initially my card was refused because I was trying to buy overseas, which the card company found suspect. They sent me an e-mail to verify my intent and then told me I could resubmit with Steinberg to buy the software. That time the purchase went through.
So I suggest you check with your credit card company to see if something similar happened with your aborted purchase. Card companies are making more strenuous efforts these days to prevent fraud; you may have gotten caught up in that process by accident.

I have the same problem. I contacted my bank and they told me that they had authorised payment but Steinberg shop had refused my card. I think it has something to do with the crossgrade!
Anthony Chappell

I got the Finale cross-grade; it was the credit card company that delayed the transfer. If your credit-card company says the problem was at Steinberg, at least you have the basis to contact them directly (as opposed to going through this forum) about it to ask what happened.


Thanks for your advices.

Eager to use Dorico.

Congratulation for your wonderful achievement.

Alain LeBlond
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I’m a pleased Dorico owner…


I also had problems with it myself when buying Dorico via the Sibelius crossgrade. I initially tried to use my credit card, but unfortunately, it didn’t work, so I had to resort to using my debit card. Everything worked out just fine.