Buy Dorico Pro MINUS HALion Symphonic Orchestra

I have Dorico Elements 4 and want to upgrade to Dorico Pro. Is it possible to obtain Pro with a $150 discount if my download does NOT include HALion Symphonic Orchestra?

You see, I’m satisfied with my current sample library (Spitfire’s BBC Symphony Orchestra Core) and its playback template in Dorico Elements. So, is the $150-discount above available for customers who have no need of the HALion Orchestra?

Welcome to the forum, @Boltrane. No, it’s not possible to buy Dorico Pro without HALion Symphonic Orchestra. That isn’t the way our products are priced in any case.

Thank you, @dspreadbury. Can you tell me, might Dorico Pro be part of any upcoming sale/upgrade events – like a spring or summer sale week on Steinberg’s website store?

There are no imminent sales promotions for Dorico planned, I’m afraid, but if you make sure you’re signed up to Steinberg’s email marketing newsletters, you’ll receive notification of any relevant sales promotions when they appear.

Just to let you know, currently (today’s posting) there’s a guy at vi-control forum (I’m not the guy) sells his Dorico Pro dirt cheap.
I’d grab that for sure if I were looking for Dorico Pro (alas, I already have Dorico Pro).

The offer is on an educational license, that’s why it’s cheaper:

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