Buy EMU from Creative Labs

Good to know. I guess that I’ll have to install the version I have (3.5.something) and try to download/install the most recent version on it.

Same boat : the purpose would be to convert my own banks to use them on a more recent sampling system. Actually, I think that I never used the bundled E-Mu X libraries : unable to really say why, beside the drastic protection system that was existing back in the X2 days. I guess that, more or less consciously, it was making me unsure of an eventual ability to use them in another context.

Good to know also, about Halion. And yep, I have looked at the X3 synthswipe feature a while ago and it indeed did the trick, somehow, after few tests. The problem is that no one can look the sampling task for a Rhodes like sound in the same way as for a Mellotron one (key range, velocity, layers needed, etc.). So, I’m still wondering how to do all this in an efficient way (both time and files size related)…

I mean, EMU seems like a good fit for Yamaha, it sort of makes sense. Why the F does Creative Labs need it? What is Creative Labs even doing with it? I don’t get it.

Nothing, other than (ab)using the brand name. E-MU, as we knew it, has been dead a long time.

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