Buy N12 now, install later > possible?

I want to buy N12 but not yet install it. My main system is still on Mojave and I don’t want to upgrade to Monterey etc… Also not all my plugins are compatible yet…
But I do want to buy now and test on another computer MBP with Monterey installed to test… but I’m afraid that my e-licenser will not work on my main setup and N11 won’t work.
Is this correct?

Any help insight are appreciated!

The best option now is probably to install the trial version for testing purposes on your newer system. That will give you 60 days to figure out what to do.

If you choose to upgrade whilst the discount is still available, you have two choices. One is simply to keep the Download Access Code safe until you choose to activate your upgrade. The other choice is to activate the newer system as follows:

  1. Run Steinberg Download Assistant (so that you have the latest versions of Steinberg Activation Manager and eLicenser Control Center)
  2. Plug the eLicenser into the newer system
  3. Enter your Download Access Code
  4. Run through the eLicenser process to mark your Nuendo 11 licence as upgraded and make your Nuendo 12 licence perpetual
  5. Return the eLicenser to the older system

If Nuendo 11 does not work when you return the eLicenser to your older system, update eLicenser Control Center to the latest version.

There are reports of Nuendo 12 mostly working on Mojave, but this is not a supported setup and it seems that some elements are troublesome.

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Hello klfnk2020,

of course you can purchase it now and activate it a later point. You can even activate it now and then release it form that computer to re-activate it on your new computer once it arrives.

And tis will not impact your Nuendo 11 license at all.

All the best,

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So if I understand correctly. Even when I buy the upgrade from Nuendo 11 to Nuendo 12, I’ll still have my Nuendo 11 licence on the eLicencer?

Yes indeed.


thanks all, just bought the upgrade.also first installed the demo/trail on MBP with Monterey, runs good. except for a crash with spectralayers extension. remove event was instant crash with N12 just vanished in a blip. I’ll see if I can reproduce it and post as bug if so.

Was it like this before this new version? Didn’t you loose the old licence when you upgraded it?

That only happened with crossgrades. For example from Cubase to Nuendo.
It has always been that you can run any older version with your license.
So with a N12 license, you can run any older version of Nuendo.


I see, that’s what I must have red… Thanks