Buy old cubase version


I have an old mac, with cubase Artist 6.5.
just updated the OS, 6.5 is no longer compatible. But my mac is too old, 10.5 is neither compatible.
Anyone has a solution?
Can I buy an old version of cubase artist somewhere?

Maybe. You ´ll have to search a used version somewhere.

But you can run any older artist version with a Cubase artist 10.5 license.

Thanks svennilenni! Can you confirm this is true for all the products? e.g. If I buy an upgrade from Cubase 5 Home Studio to Cubase Pro 10.5, I’ll be able to download and run Cubase Pro 10.0 on Windows 7? And where would I download that full installer? Many thanks for your help!

Nevermind, I confirmed through Steinberg, yes this is true, and the Download Assistant will have several recent versions you can choose from.