buy screen studio

I am a composer looking to write electronic and electronic music. As it stands now, I work in my Brooklyn apartment … an untreated room, quite cramped. This situation is unlikely to change in the next few years.

I’m looking to buy some studio screens. Right now I have some pretty headphones (Behringer DT-770 pro), but I know this is not ideal. I’ve decided more or less that I want to get active speakers (as I do not have a mixer except for one of my Echo Layla 3g). I do not have much money to spend, although I may be tempted to spend more if I buy the monitor that will last for many years and worthwhile for a cramped, untreated room.

Now I’m leaning towards something that can bridge the gap between where I’m working in the present place, and somewhere better (university, my own studio when I’m in a more stable place financial, etc.) “Cheap too cheap?” M-Audio BX5as seem to have lower costs, and I’m sure they are not great, but they will waste money compared to my stereo speakers, and I’ll have something significantly better for the other person. $ 100? My “low end” budget could be $ 350 or less, with less money. KRK Rokit 5 G2 looks pretty good at that price. I’m fine with the imperfections at this price … if I go this route, I want something “good for now” that I can sell on e-bay in the next few years.