Buy ST-M0, ST-H01

Dear steinberg and steinberg forum users,

I,am very interested in buying the ST-M0, ST-H01 for the right price.
I,am hoping for an response on this subject.
For poepie who read this, can you give a response to this topic.
Do you agree or disagree for separate sale for the ST-M0, ST-H01 on the steinberg website.

Here is a link where you can see the ST-M0, ST-H01 if your interested.

Interesting, steinberg branded Mic and headphones.
Anyone knows who makes them?

Yamaha, duh! :laughing:

I didn’t know Yamaha made condenser mics.

That looks like a AT2020.


Any word on this?

No, got now feedback from steinberg.

Agree on the seperate sale since I already have an UR22 (and an ur28m!!!).

Not cool Steinberg, not cool at all. :imp:

Yeah, that sucks. I already have a UR22, UR44 and a MR816csx. I would love the Steinberg branded Headphones and Mic, but this pack sells for like $430 here in Australia. Can’t justify that spend considering…


How do you guys know you want them? Have you heard them, or read anything about their performance?

Just another case of G.A.S. :laughing: