Buy update but activate on next version?

I hear people with latest version of WaveLab 11.2 are buying updates from early 10.2 version that is now on sale for 59.99€ and then wait for new version Wavelab 12 to activate this update.
Is this actually possible? Any official rules? Does this apply to all Steinberg products?

Steinberg updates have always been strict on the version you are updating from. You cannot buy an update from version 10 in a sale now and expect to use it to update from version 11 when WaveLab 12 is released. This was certainly the case in the eLicenser days and I would expect this rule to carry forwards to Steinberg Licensing.

If you own a version that isn’t current, you can buy an update Download Access Code in the current sale. Up until now, Steinberg’s policy has been that the code gives you the current version when you activate, which might be later than the current version that you bought.

The first version update from a Steinberg Licensing version to another Steinberg Licensing has only just happened: Dorico 4 was updated to Dorico 5. I do not know whether those who were sitting on Dorico 4 activation codes have been able to use them for Dorico 5.

Moreover, Steinberg is free to change their policy at any time. If you buy an update DAC and sit on it, the worst case is that you will get what you paid for - an update to WaveLab 11 rather than the current version when you activate the DAC.

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