Buy Used and save - Cubase too.

Some years ago I investigated selling a used copy of Cubase. At the time Steinberg asked for a license transfer fee. I think they wanted USD50. Not sure if that is still allowed. One would need to transfer the license in order to upgrade. Or Steinberg may allow only one upgrade per license.

Chris already said you owned C6 in on of your other tirades.

Yep I got most of my gear second hand. Wouldn’t buy 2nd hand PC, but apart from software, mixer and speakers I think everything is 2nd hand in my studio. Oh and the audio interface was new too.

I no longer buy new gear unless it’s something that’s just come out and I can’t wait for used ones to enter the market. For example, I bought a New Takamine a couple years ago for $1800; I can now buy the exact same model in mint condition for $400-500, plus it plays better.

Having been in the new/used car business for 30+ years, let me tell ya’ll a little secret: NEVER buy a new car… UNLESS the rebates on a new one are so huge, and/or the dealer really wants to dump the car you want

Ebay is our friend but remember to be very careful when purchasing second-hand software online, since you will not be covered for any losses incurred unless the item was classified as tangible goods, in which case only sellers dealing directly with PayPal can be deemed as such.

true enough! :laughing:

You should have bought a Martin. They hold their value a lot better :sunglasses:

Based on my latest experience: NEVER buy a used car.

heh… if someone wants Nuendo 5.5 with the expansion kit, they should P.M. me. Yup, it is used and it will cost less than new.

50% of my outboard was bought used. 80% of my mics were bought new because mics are much more sensitive. Ya never know where a mic has been and the thoughts of where they could have been could get scary. (because I know where mine have been) :smiling_imp:

Why are you getting rid of Nuendo?
If it goes for less than €50 let me know :laughing:

Short Story:
I bought Pro Tools HD Native (to replace it)

Long Story: See Nuendo forum.

I also have Cubase 5 for sale too (1 of 2). Keeping my other Cubase license for legacy and if they ever get their act together. I invested a lot into them over the years. :slight_smile:

Cubase is their flagship. I was stupid to think the additional features were worth it while the application development sits on Steinberg’s back burner.

Used to love Nuendo, but versions 4 to 5.5 ruined it along with Steinberg’s detachment from the Nuendo user base here, though they said they were going to change. The proof is on the walls of this forum that this is not the case.

You’d be surprised how many people actually think that it is something else, such that the Nuendo program is indeed the “flagship” application.

You know, I always check Martin’s out, but I never find one I like. I think they’re a bit overrated.

I should probably have qualified my statement to say, “Never buy a used car that’s more than a few years old or has high mileage, unless it’s a Volvo” :laughing:

Trust me, I’ve been burned by MANY used cars I’ve bought over the years

I’ve been looking at the Used Gear section at Guitar Center. Unlike eBay, you can haggle with GC over price, PLUS they have a 30-day return policy. And, unlike eBay, you can either go to the store and check the gear out first, or call and talk to a employee about the gear and its condition, etc. I’ve found them to be forthright about the condition of stuff

I bought a used Alvarez (not a Yairi) for $100 and the thing sounds and plays great… er, for a $100 guitar, that is :sunglasses:

Heh, good question, I can’t really think of something, other than most software in general becomes worthless over time.

Maybe so, but that’s just personal preference. Every time I’ve been shopping for acoustic quitar, I’ve always tried to find something non-Martin which would be my preferred guitar … and finally picked a Martin. Even did this with my friend, who asked me recommendations: drove him into all the stores around here and made him play the guitars within his budget. The last store was the Martin dealer … and we immediately got out of the door with brand new D-28.

Well …

  1. more than few years: yes it was
  2. high mileage: no it wasn’t … less than 5000 miles/year
  3. not being Volvo: it wasn’t … it was a BMW
    … but maybe my worst mistake was giving it to my (now ex) girlfriend even after given her a 15 minute lesson about car’s quirks. Result? Blown radiator, burnt gaskets … etc :cry: