Buy used Cubase 9?

Hey everyone,
This is my first post here.
I have a a question about buying a used copy of Cubase.

This person is selling a copy of Cubase 9 without Elicenser. In order to sell me the software he suggests the following procedure.

  • I buy an ELicenser
  • I send him my Elicenser ID
  • He sends me the license and i have to activate it on the ELicenser within 24 hours (else it becomes inactive)
  • Then I activate the ELicenser on
  • Download the software from my account

My questions are:
Is it legit?
Do I risk something by giving him my Elicenser ID?

Thanks everyone in advance

what is his asking price? Is it Pro or artist?

This is the page for license transfer. resale…

Don’t do it!

This sounds very shady. Don’t risk it.

Look on KVRaudio or VI-control for actual Cubase sales. The legit sellers will always send you their eLicenser to keep.

Shady for sure. Avoid.

Hi powernemo

I have a new UN-activated version of Cubase pro for sale it came with the UR824 recording pack and is NOT tied to the hardware


This gives away the fact that it’s a scam. It is impossible to send a license through email, and a license that’s been used cannot be “activated” and, the seller has no way to to make it “inactive” after 24 hours.

The only way to transfer a used Cubase Pro license is by connecting two USB elicenser keys to a computer and dragging the license from one to the other.