Buy Wavelab Elements 8 EDU Version from Perú


I want to know how can I buy the EDU version of Wavelab LE 8 directly from Steinberg? I already contact the local dealer and they said that currently they have some problems with steinberg licence software so they aren’t selling software right now.



Wavelab LE cannot be purchased by itself. It does only come with certain hardware pieces.

You can purchase Wavelab Elements 8 in our online store as regular version:

Or you can purchase it at a dealer…

If you need help please contact:
Yamaha Music Latin America S.A.
Edif. Torre Banco General, Piso No.7,
Urbanización Marbella, Calle 47 y Aquilino de la Guardia,
Ciudad de Panamá, República de Panamá/ 1975
Phone: +(507)269-5311


Yes sorry I meant Elements, Panama can verify and send (digitally) WaveLab Elements to Perú? Can you send me a PM with the email to where I can write please?


Hi there,

no unfortunately Yamaha in Panama cannot do this directly.
However, they could sell one to the importer in Peru and then to you. Yes, this sounds complicated :wink:

You can just buy the regular Wavelab Elements 8 version in the online shop via download. You would have it immediately ! Do you not want to do this?


well, I’m an Audio Teacher, that’s why I want to buy the educational version (as I did with Cubase 7 first but when I was in Germany)

I don’t find where to send the necessary documents in the steinberg store.


EDU products cannot be bought outside the US and EU in our online shop. This is why I suggested using the Retail version even if its slightly more expensive.

I will send you the e-mail address of my colleague from Yamaha Latin America via PM. I am sure he can help you getting the Education version.

Thanks, I was emailing with him regarding another thing a while ago, I din’t knew he could see this. Thanks!

It’s been 11 days and Taro didn’t respond any email.

Is there another way?