Buyer Beware

A warning:

OK it’s rant, but there is plenty of justification. If your thinking about a new build and are about to order parts, read on…

On the day before Black Friday I ordered a lot of parts for a new build using a very large international and well known website. I shall not name them, but will say I will not be ordering my new Easter eggs there.
12 days later I still have only half the parts and I have no idea when they will come. I have usually received good support from computer websites, but this time it really is bad, really really really bad

Here is a list of the problems, there are many.

1] The customer support has no email listed

2] The chat service is always totally overwhelmed with queues of over 1500

3] The Track your order function does not work and nor do my tracking numbers. The info provided is inaccurate for orders. It’s not updated properly or in any timely manner.

4] I ordered thirteen products and they were divided into five shipments - meaning five deliveries to wait in for

5] There customer support line does not work and immediately cuts you off - no robotic messages even

6] There call back does not work - you can schedule a date and time and nothing, later it appeared broken

7] Early on I tried to cancel the orders and found it impossible. Even whilst the orders were still “in packing” the company refuses to cancel orders. They state that the order is shipped when their own site states it is not shipped.

Eventually after six days trying in the chat queue, and figuring out by myself that I had to continually re-log in whilst waiting (otherwise I would be kicked off the queue), I got through to a rep. This was seven days after placing the order and it took me about fourteen hours on the queue to succeed. The rep could not give me a delivery date or any information about when my parcel would arrive. I asked to escalate the complaint and this was ignored. For some reason a record of my chat was not emailed to me on this occasion. No button on the chat app.

Yesterday when I was out, a parcel delivery was attempted for one package. No card was left. I had no prior notice that this was going to happen. After this, I received an email from the company stating “we are terribly sorry for the delay, your parcel is with TNT and will be delivered” no delivery date given. The tracking number supplied did not work. By entering a postcode I found out that indeed TNT did try to deliver (but left no card) . They did not offer any facility to reschedule the delivery and today the parcel is on the van. I have no idea what time it is coming.

I have more parcels to come and still have no idea who is delivering them or when. They have used different couriers for each package I have received. According to their website about half my new PC is still in California. No one will tell me, it’s ten days now

I feel like Humpty Dumpty falling off the wall. My confidence in this company is totally shattered like his EGG shell. I have egg on my face. All my hopes have been scrambled.

Buyer beware