Buying a licence from someone remotely.

Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me. Ive tried the resale wizard and it doesn’t appear to make it clear.

A friend of mine has an elicenser dongle with multiple licences.

They want to remotely send me 1 licence that’s currently on their dongle and keep their dongle.

so can i register this licence on my dongle remotely?

as they are in a different country, they don’t have my dongle on site to drag over the licence

What do they need to do? thanks

my understanding I think it they go into my Steinberg and send me their activation code for that licence and they degister that licence, am I right?

No. An Activation Code is scrap paper once it is used. A license on a USB eLicenser can’t be transferred remotely. He could buy a second dongle, transfer the license to it and mail it to you or one of you could mail their dongle to the other, transfer the license, and then mail the dongle back.

You they can´t, and you can´t either

They need to buy a 2nd Dongle transfer the license to that, unregister the license from their mySteinberg account and send the Dongle to you.

thanks everyone, he’s posting me it. role on absolute collection!