Buying a used UR44

Are there any software licenses I would potentially have to transfer or something?
Wondering if I would have to worry about the previous owner cooperating in terms of deregistering licenses, etc.

Basic Fx Suite. License for Vst3 version of the onboard Dsp effects.

Thanks for the great help!
Does anyone know if the licenses can be de-registered or deactivated and transferred to a new owner?

I just looked at that license in my elc, it’s like any other soft elicense- it would have to be moved to a dongle. Licenses aren’t registered, it’s the dongles and soft-elicensers they are on, that are.

In that case, perhaps I could register the UR44 itself which would then allow me to use the reactivation process?

I guess I understand that the included licenses for Cubase AI and Cubasis LE may NOT be transferable.
And those don’t matter much because I have Cubase Pro and Cubasis already.
But I do need to verify that the licenses for the dsp effects package are transferable if I can register the UR44 itself.
Perhaps a Steinberg representative could comment?
I understand that that there may not be much enthusiasm about helping someone buy a used product.