Buying a Windows 7 PC for Cubase 6- Questions.

I’m upgrading from windows xp/ cubase SX 3 to windows 7 / cubase 6
What brands of pc should I stick with/stay away from.
What do I want to make sure my computer comes with, such as types of slots/particular processor etc…
I’m not going to be building my computer, I need to get something off the shelf/through the mail.

I’m assuming an i7. Should I go AMD? the multi-core processor thing confuses me. 2 cores 4 cores 6 cores. I’ve heard that multi core processors don’t work so hot with many applications.
I also need to run adobe cs on my computer as well.

I’m also going to be getting a laptop that, ideally, I can run cubase from. I was looking at an Asus i7 with 6 gigs of ram
and a hard drive that runs at 5400. What slots/inputs/outputs do I need on my laptop? What brands should I go with?

Thanks so much!

Intel i7. More cores will run more plug-ins/ more clock speed does lower latency. Don’t bother with AMD.

Do you really have to have a laptop? A desktop will do much more for less - but most importantly, I would buy from a reputable DAW builder - this will save you lots and lots of headaches. I know ADK is good and their prices are reasonable, but I assume there are a few others out there that may decent as well.

Thanks for the tips. I don’t need my laptop to run my DAW but I wouldn’t mind if it could :slight_smile:
ADK? I’ll look them up.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? I like to comparison shop if possible.
I would also be appreciative of recommendations for sound cards/audio-midi interfaces.
I’d like something good with four inputs but something moderately priced/won’t break the bank.
Not more than a few hundred dollars, preferably.

Thanks so much for your feedback and advice.

Hello Josh,

here a machine I build not long ago. Was around €900,- (Cubase and MR816’s not included)

Perhaps you have also a look here (just to have an idea regarding the parts) . We work often here in Germany with this firm



Try Rain Computers if you want an alternative idea.Call Robin and he will guide you.Audio DAW a speciality he does the reviews for music pc for sound on sound.Google Rain Computers then look to bottom of page for UK site.

Dell has been pretty good for me - both lap-tops and towers, but always the higher spec ranges (Precision, XPS etc.), not the cheapo ones.

Play safe - go with Intel, not AMD…

If lap-top, and you have FireWire audio/midi interface, take care to verify on-board Firewire chip-sets (always worth trying your specific combination before you buy, if possible). Also beware of 4-pin (ie without firewire power) sockets, as these are the norm on most non-MAC lap-tops - they are so flaky, and prone to drop-outs and disconnects with even the slightest physical movement. They are a menace, and should never have become the standard…

If your interface is USB, make sure you have plenty of USB ports for dongles, mice etc - sharing USB ports is often not good with audio.

If you are thinking of putting a PCMCIA/Express Card FireWire card in a lap-top, be very careful to make sure that the whole chip-set, 4/6-pin connector topic is OK, and make sure your lap-top has the right physical format of socket…been burned myself there with a Fujitsu Siemens lap-top that I just couldn’t find the right format card and chip-set for my Focusrite or M-Audio interfaces.