Buying Absolute 3 as a gift; do I need to transfer?

I’m thinking of buying Absolute 3 direct from Steinberg as a gift.
I’ve never bought from Steinberg’s store before so will the serial number/license automatically be activated on my account or will I just have a serial number (or whatever Steinberg call it) that I pass on as a gift and the recipient then activates it to their account as if they’d bought it themselves?

If the license is automatically activated on my account I presume it’s possible to transfer Absolute licences in the same way you can with Cubase?

Excuse my choice of terminology as I’m not that up on Steinberg’s own.

You’ll receive an activation code via email. They’ll have to use the code with the eLicenser Control Center program:

An USB eLicenser dongle is currently required to activate the license. I would recommend sending them a blank eLicenser, and then sending them the code you received via email.

The Absolute 3 plugins can be downloaded by using this program, even if you don’t have a license yet:

Thanks, so seemingly there’s no difference than buying from a 3rd party in that the Activation Code is not linked to any account except a purchase account.

Can they transfer the license in the future?

Yes, they just have to unregister the eLicenser dongle from their MySteinberg, then ship the dongle to the new owner.