Buying Absolute 5 - is Halion Symphonic Orchestra included?

Hi All - apologies if this is a repeat of someone elses question but I have had a look and can’t see anywhere the answer. I am Currently onCubase 10 and the 1st Absolute but am looking to buy Cubase 12 upgrade and buy Absolute 5. Is there a full list of what is included?

My main question though, is that I have Halion Symphonic Orchestra (e-Licenser like all the other software). will I need to buy a new version of Symphonic Orchestra or can I use my existing version? and if I do, does that mean that some of my licenses will be Steinberg Licensing based and some E-licenser based? Would be great to totally get away from e-licenser if I can - I always worry about it breaking and having the hassle of buying a new one! Thanks for your help in advance.

Basically, Cubase, Padshop 2, Retrologue 2, Groove Agent SE and HALion SE are on the new licensing.

Anything else would still require a dongle - including majority of the Absolute collection, HALion 6 and HALion Sonic.

I just hope that Absolute 5 receives a free update to the new licensing. That’s the main gamble you’d be taking really, as there’s been absolutely no information on it other than a HALion 7 icon showing on some Steinberg media presentations of the new licensing system.

I guess the version of HSO in absolute(1) is the older one? Not sure if you can run both or not, as I don’t have the old one. But what comes with Absolute 5 says (c) 2019 so is not as old as the interface suggests.

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If you want it on sale, just buy it and don’t activate until Absolute 6 is released/we know what the deal is with licensing.

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