Buying both desktop and iPad version & interchangeability

Hi Folks,

I’m a newbie iOS music maker. I’m looking at picking up Dorico on iPad, and considering whether I should also jump in on the desktop version while it’s on sale. I’m talking about the full Elements vs iPad lifetime here. I have a couple of questions

  1. I am correct in assuming I have to buy the windows and iPad versions separately? There is no bundle option?

  2. How interchangeable are the files between the two platforms? Obviously there could be some instrument differences between the two platforms, if not using a common library. Is that it? Will all other features copy across if I share the file between the two versions, or are there significant differences in the features/file formats?

The scenario here is if I work on the desktop version of a score for a while, then go out and about and want to continue working on it while mobile with my iPad, then just save changes and continue again back on the desktop later. Is this feasible or do you really need to work on each score in its own platform environment?


  1. Yes, there’s no ‘bundle’ pricing for the desktop and iPad versions.

  2. The apps use exactly the same file format. Dorico 5.1 on the iPad uses the same core code as Dorico 5.1 on the desktop.
    Obviously, if you use VST samples on the desktop that aren’t on the iPad, then you won’t get those when you load on the iPad; but I think I read that the desktop and iPad playback settings are retained in the document for each platform now…

Thankyou for answering my questions.