Buying Cubase 6

How do I buy Cubase 6?
The online on the Steinberg website shop does not have it.
For some unkown reason we are referred to the ‘local’ distributor [We live in New Zealand]
We go to the Australian website and their link just points us back to the Steinberg site.
Is this the new cool?
Are Steinberg really trying not to sell their products?
Am I missing something? :neutral_face:

I purchased my update even if it was unavailable, the site showed red bars.
However, it arrived me after a week.

According to the Steinberg New Zealand web site, the contacts there are David Holmes of Venn Productions or Neil Haworth of Music Works - both in Auckland.

Hi galvinstephen,

According to this page:
the official distributor for NZ is:
Yamaha Music Australia Pty Ltd
Level 1, 99 Queensbridge Street
3006 Southbank
1300 739 390

Mmm. Got that already. The Yamaha site just directs back to the main Steinberg site.

Many thanks. Where did you find that information and can you post the link?

Typical that.

One might go so far as to say pathetic.

Did you not follow the ‘For NZ’ option on the right of the menu?

I Googled for “Steinberg New Zealand”, followed the link then clicked the ‘Contact’ option on the site…