Buying Cubase from various locations

I’m a Cubase user since 2007. I’m in love with it, and everything was fine until now. I can’t buy an upgrade from Cubase Pro 11 to 12 version. It says “unfortunately, the selected version of the product isn’t available in your country”. I live in Russian Federation. As I remember, everything was pretty fine and clear until now. How can I complete the purchasing process? I really need it. But, if the Steinberg think that all russian people should suffer, well I don’t have a choice to start using unlicensed version of it. But I really want to buy the Cubase 12 Pro legally. And, if there any option available for me, I will buy it. Help me, please.

@Elijah_1987 – There is nothing Steinberg can do, If trade between certain countries is prohibited by some law (and not necessarily this for conflict either) they will obey the law, and furthermore it may be beyond their control anyway.

Well, if I, for example, select a different country (Belarus) and type a random address, will it works?

I think it will depend on how your payment is processed, since the payment processor will obey the law as well. But it’s worth checking out.

Okay, I see.
But what’s my status? Am I a customer or not? If yes, it’s strange that I can’t buy anything. Can I still use the existing version of the Cubase as I did before? Or should I expect a new problems with my license in future?

What you own is what you own, once you own it its yours,

This is not about your status, no one here, or in the Steinberg shop has any control over this. It’s the payment processor, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, etc. Not Steinberg.

This is a problem that can only be solved by international powers fully beyond any forum member’s or company CEO’s ken or power.

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