Buying Dorico Transcriptions

Dear all,

Is there anyone who offers to transcribe orchestral scores into dorico files?

I need the complete Strauss Concerto for Oboe as a Dorico file but do not have the time to do it myself. Obviously this is quite a lot of work and I am willing to pay a professional for it.

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Reach out to hrnbouma via private message on this forum - one of the existing editions on IMSLP is his…

Hi there! Indeed, I happen to have this exact piece as a Dorico file, and would be happy to email it to you. It is truly a testament to the software that I consider transcribing orchestral scores a leisure activity. But Leo, how on earth did you know that?

Hi Hugo ! Very nice work indeed !

Hugo, I thought about offering my services (and I really shouldn’t - there aren’t enough hours in the day at the moment), and idly wondered if there was something MusicXML-able on IMSLP that would turn a long job into a potentially slightly shorter tidy-up job. Then I spotted your name and clocked that I was probably looking at Dorico output.

There’s no magic, here :wink:

I love this story. We are truly a family here!


Wouw! Incredible! This is so much easier than expected. Here’s my e-mail:
I cannot thank you enough for this!

Done. If you don’t mind me asking publicly, what are you planning to use it for?

Thank you! This is most kind! Of course I don’t mind: I will be giving a recital / exam in Luxembourg in July and I want to play chamber music versions of oboe concerti. I already arranged Vaughan Williams Concerto for string sextet but it took me a lot of time and patience simply writing out the original version on Dorico. I do however enjoy the actual arranging. I am thinking of arranging this for string quintet and two wood winds (haven’t decided yet which). I am just talking of the accompaniment of course. The solo oboe part which I will play of course stays the same. Thanks to your score I will be able to dive directly into the arranging part of the process and save a lot of time for reed making and practicing… I have some wonderful friends who will play the arrangements with me in July. :slight_smile: Maybe I can send you a video of the result. :slight_smile:

+1, and interesting typeface choices too! I didn’t have Alegreya or Huerta Tipografica on my radar, but I do now, thanks!