Buying Halion 5 when 6 is around the corner?

So I was about to go ahead and buy halion 5 I’ve been running a trial on it the past week, but with 6 coming out I’m guessing I should just uninstall 5 and wait right? I’ve read talks of grace times but I aint entirely sure what people mean :confused:

The news release said there will be a grace period starting 29th DEC. Halion 5 Halion Sonic 2 or Absolute 2 will recieve free upgrades to H6, HS3, or A3 respectively.
They have been doing grace periods since at least Cubase 6 I think so you can safely buy H5 now if you like.

Thanks for the response, sorry I’m new to Steinberg. That’s amazing of them! Win! Think I’m gonna like it here. :laughing: